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The History of SpotterCone

George Owens and his business partner Jim Cook were born and raised in Central Missouri. Both have been involved in farming, construction or the tractor business most of their lives. While working in the oil fields, George gained first hand knowledge of the difficulties and often, lack of safety, when backing big rigs into tight spots.

With the intention of making the job safer and easier George came up with the idea for SpotterCone and created a prototype. Once completed he shared his new invention with his good friend Jim.  Jim was so impressed at how much easier and safer backing and parking a large vehicle was when using SpotterCone, he immediately wanted to be a part of this ingenious tool.

Together George and Jim have worked tirelessly as partners to develop what SpotterCone is today, a tool that makes backing and/or parking a large vehicle quicker, easier and safer.

George Owens

Inventor of SpotterCone