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SpotterCone takes the guesswork out of backing!

SpotterCone has unique features that are not available anywhere else:

  1. Each cone has Sonar that turns on a red stop light when your vehicle is in position.
  2. The cones are illuminated at night and project a laser line on the ground to mark your lane, like an airport runway. The lines on the ground help you align and can help keep other vehicles and pedestrians clear of the area.
  3. Each cone has a heavy-duty base making the cone resistant to toppling.
  4. For road side emergencies the cones will glow and the red and amber lights will flash.
  5. SpotterCone is portable and easy to store. Modules can be charged in vehicles or at home. SpotterCone set includes durable carrying case for the modules and charging gear.

If you own a RV, a semi trailer, horse trailer, farm equipment, motor coach, or large vehicle of almost any kind, SpotterCone will make your life easier and safer when you back up. SpotterCone is designed for a wide variety of applications.