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Goodbye Guesswork


Take the guesswork out of backing! How? SpotterCone of course. What makes SpotterCone the best in the industry is that is ensures a safe and easy backing.

When it comes to the backing of a large truck or trailer, there usually comes a bit of “I think this is where I need to be…” “Oh no I have to re-park.” “I wonder if I am close?” “Gosh I hope I don’t hit anything..”

Well, say goodbye to all of the above when using SpotterCone. When using our products, you know not only when to stop, but just how close you are to where you want to be. As mentioned before, our cones light up like your own personal runway. So not only will you know you’re in the clear, but you can also see the clear path behind you with our laser lights.

Give them a try today!


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