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RV & Trailer Back Up Assistance

If you drive a recreational vehicle, you know backing and parking can be difficult and intimidating. Even if the RV is advertised as handling like a car, doesn’t mean that it does.


The truth is, there is a real need for the right type of help when backing and RV.

With most RV parks offering tight quarters, it’s important to have a handle on maneuvering your RV in small spaces. We’ve all been there — seesawing back and forth, stopping, pulling ahead, back up again, yelling back and forth with a human spotter. It can be embarrassing at best and, at worst, lead to costly damage.


You can’t rely on rear vision cameras.

Many RVs today come equipped with rear vision cameras. While these cameras can be helpful, unfortunately they are usually pointed toward the ground and don’t give the driver a broad enough picture. The wide-angle lens can be extremely misleading. Cameras can fail and wireless signals can get crossed between RVs. Looking inside the vehicle towards the monitor can create safety issues.


Human spotters represent a safety hazard.

Human spotters can struggle to clearly communicate which way to turn and when to stop. It can be dangerous to have someone behind you when backing, especially when the driver’s limited view and the limited vision of backup assist cameras. SpotterCone can take the pressure off both the spotter and the driver while helping to keep the spotter safe.


The best way to back into any spot is to have a clearly marked lane and a highly visible stationary target indicating precisely when and where to stop.

SpotterCone features Sonar sensors which turn on red stop lights telling you precisely when to stop. SpotterCone also clearly identifies the lane you are backing into and helps keep other vehicles and pedestrians out of harm’s way. Each cone illuminates at night and projects laser-lighted lines on the ground to clearly mark your backing lane, like an airport runway.


To learn more about how SpotterCone makes backing your RV quicker, easier, and safer, we invite you to watch our video and learn more about SpotterCone Features.

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