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RV Safety? No Problem

The number of RVs being purchased within the last year and a half has grown significantly since its 6% increase in 2020 totaling around 430,412 units being sold across the nation. This year however has been a record high number projecting around 576,065 units being sold at the end of 2021. This is a 33.8% increase over the 2020 year-end total. 


Why do these numbers matter? Well with this significant increase in RV units sold, comes the risk of new drivers on the road with you as well as in parking lots, campgrounds, and more. There is nothing wrong with being new to the RV/CDL gang. Although, it may make things harder in the beginning. SpotterCone can help with the newness of being behind the wheel of such big machinery. Not only can we help with backing up and parking, we also can save you on time. We know how precious time is when traveling and with SpotterCone there is no waiting or trying to find someone who can be a spotter for you. It’s that quick and effective. This ensures the safety of you and your spotter. 


Stay safe on and off the road with SpotterCone.


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