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S: SAFETY – SpotterCone’s #1 priority is keeping its customers safe. The cone itself is designed to keep you safe for such a wide variety of applications. A safe trip is a successful trip in our book.

P: PRIORITY – Not only is safety the main priority here, but that means YOU are the priority overall. Keeping our customers happy, safe, and proud of your work is key.

O: OUTCOME – We want you to be able to reach the desired outcome that you wish to have while using SpotterCone!

T: TRAGEDY – One of our main missions is to eliminate the chances for a tragedy to happen when backing up. Human spotters can struggle to clearly communicate which way to turn and when to stop. It can be dangerous to have someone behind you when backing, especially with the driver’s limited view and the limited vision of backup assist cameras. SpotterCone can take the pressure off both the spotter and driver while helping to keep the spotter safe.

T: TRAVEL – We make it much easier for you to travel with your friends and family by ensuring you get from point A to point B safely! On amd off the road, your travel needs matter and SpotterCone ensures your needs are met.

E: EVERYDAY – Our SpotterCone can be used all day, every day, in every weather condition!

R: RUNWAY – SpotterCone lights project the effect of your own personal runway! SpotterCone features Sonar sensors which turn on red stoplights telling you precisely when to stop. SpotterCone also clearly identifies the lane you are backing into which helps keep other vehicles and pedestrians out of harms way. Each cone also illuminates at night and projects laser lighted lines on the ground to clearly mark your backing lane, like an airport runway.