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If you own or drive a truck, you know that time is money. Even a few extra minutes per stop can easily add more cost to you. In some cases, distribution centers are waiting for you to deliver (or pick up) your next load. No one appreciates lost time and money, that’s why SpotterCone was invented.

While other drivers seesaw back and forth, stop, pull ahead and back up again. SpotterCone drivers know exactly where to position the trailer the first time.

Accidents are costly in many ways. Everyone knows that damage to your rig can cost a lot in repairs and downtime. Accidents can also raise your insurance rate and effect your ability to get work. Most importantly, nobody wants an accident that causes an injury or risks of life. Each year thousands of people lose their lives or are injured in backing accidents.

The truth is, there is a real need for the right type of help when backing your rig.

Many situations demand that you have a handle on maneuvering in close quarters. The best way by far to back into any spot is to have a clearly marked lane and a highly visible stationary target indicating precisely where to stop.

You can’t rely on rear vision cameras because they’re pointed down toward the ground behind you and don’t give you a broad enough picture. The wide-angle view from these cameras is extremely misleading. Cameras can fail when you need them. For several safety reasons, looking inside the rig towards a monitor creates a safety issue. Even if you use a rear view camera, you still need something highly visible and stationary to your target.

Human spotters are not always available on the job and often struggle to clearly communicate which way to turn, and where to stop. It can be dangerous to have someone behind you when backing, especially with the limited vision of cameras.

SpotterCone features Sonar sensors that turn on red stoplights, telling you precisely when to stop. SpotterCone also clearly identifies the lane you are backing into. This helps keep other vehicles and pedestrians out of harm’s way. Each cone also illuminates at night and projects laser lighted lines on the ground to clearly mark your backing lane like an airport runway. SpotterCone works and is visible in almost any weather and lighting situation.

To learn more about how SpotterCone makes backing quicker, easier and safer, we invite you to watch our video and see all the features.

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