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SpotterCone was invented by George Owens, a truck driver of 30 years, when he saw a need in the industry. Tired of lost time and workplace injuries related to difficulties in backing, he sought a solution and SpotterCone was born.


No one appreciates lost time and money. That’s why SpotterCone was invented.

If you own or drive a truck, you know that time is money. Even a few extra minutes per stop can add to your costs. In some cases, distribution centers are waiting for you to deliver or pick up your next load. While other drivers waste time seesawing back and forth to park, SpotterCone helps drivers know exactly where to position the trailer the first time.


SpotterCone helps prevent accidents and improve workplace safety.

Accidents are costly in many ways. Damage to your rig can cost a lot in repairs and downtime, not to mention increased insurance rates and diminished ability to work. Most importantly, accidents can cause injury and even be life-threatening. Each year thousands of people lose their lives or are injured in backing accidents.


The best way to back into any spot is to have a clearly marked lane and a highly visible stationary target indicating precisely when and where to stop.

SpotterCone features Sonar sensors which turn on red stop lights telling you precisely when to stop. SpotterCone also clearly identifies the lane you are backing into and helps keep other vehicles and pedestrians out of harm’s way. Each cone illuminates at night and projects laser-lighted lines on the ground to clearly mark your backing lane, like an airport runway.


To learn more about how SpotterCone makes backing your vehicle quicker, easier, and safer, we invite you to watch our video and learn more about SpotterCone Features.

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