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Trucking Accidents

Did you know there are 500,000 semi accidents each year? 

That’s right. 500,000 semi accidents which bring along with it 5,000 resulting in fatality each year. These accidents can occur on the highway, on outer roads, and while parking/backing up. Now we don’t know all the circumstances that come with these accidents, but 500,000 is a large number.

SpotterCone was created with all driver’s and spotters’ safety in mind, If SpotterCone can help decrease these numbers and in the end result in saving the lives of others, now that is a purchase well made. Our cones have been proven to improve driver confidence, maintain safe areas for pedestrians, and be the best visual aid for spotting. The safety of our customers is our number one priority. Let us eliminate the guesswork of backing up, and decrease the number of accidents per year.

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